Beta Testing

The kids and I rode the bus down to Jack London Square, and I decided to do some beta testing on posting and recording our ride, since we were riding anyway.

First step for me when I take the bus is to simply ask Google maps how to get where I’m going. Priveledge #1, I have a smart phone and can afford to use it to get directions on a whim. Today, we got a few options, mostly involving walking about 15 minutes. The kids voted to take a slower route involving a bus transfer but much less walking.

Next is determining when the bus will arrive. Again, I usually start with Google’s predictions, but I also see what NextBus has to say. I’ve found NextBus to be incredibly inconsistent, and Molly suggested maybe I should keep notes on what service is most accurate. I like that idea, but I’m not sure I can realistically keep that up.

Our home bus stop has one of those great schedules affixed to the post, so today I cross referenced the predictions with the schedule. All three were within a minute of each other. So next up was waiting for the 80.

It was a beautiful day, a little hot for our delicate bay area sensibilities but really just fine for a short wait.

Until we realized that the kids hadn’t really eaten enough breakfast. But that was hadnled smoothly by stopping at the convenience store conveniently located where we were transferring buses.

The other technical issue that came up today was that we still can’t find Molly’s Clipper card. Really more of a nuisance than anything, but it does mean that we have to think ahead and decide if we need to buy a day pass or not (we did).

The transfer was smooth, with the 72R arriving as we crossed the street. The Farmers Market was fun and delicious. The ride back equally smooth – with three versions of the 72 to pick from at the end of the line in Oakland, we hopped on the first one leaving (another 72R), and reversed our trip with just a few minutes wait to transfer to the 81.


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