Transit Terms 101

Planetizen just put out a quick, free, online course on Transit Service Design. It’s squarely geared toward transit-inclined non-professionals and gives a great overview of transit terms.

Below are some of the terms I learned – I’ll try to put it to use!

= the time it takes to complete a trip (one-way or round trip)

= time added at the end of a trip to provide a break for the operator, or to catch up on time lost to delay, or both.
(and maybe also to wait if the bus is early?)

Span of service
= the time during which service is operated.
e.g., 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. is a 17 hour span of service.

= Number of vehicles per time period
e.g., 4 buses/hour

= time between vehicles
e.g., 15 minutes (vehicles supposed to arrive every 15 minutes)

= the daily assignment for an individual vehicle, made up of trips
(helps understand how many vehicles needed)

Transit Priority Treatments
= Street improvements such as transit priority signals, transit-only lanes, bus bulb-outs, that improve speed and reliability; allow more service for same cost; results in higher quality service.

One-way commuter service
Typically weekday rush-hour service to job center in the morning, and housing in the afternoon/evening.

Bi-directional service
Service in both directions.




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