Line 12 – Murals, Shops, and Libraries

city_map-12smTime: 72 minutes Berkeley-to-Oakland

Official Line Description:

  • 4th St. & Harrison St., Berkeley to Oakland Amtrak at Jack London Square via Gilman St., Hopkins St., Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 55th St., Temescal District, Piedmont Ave., Grand Ave., Broadway, and downtown Oakland.


  • Berkeley: 4th at Harrison
  • Oakland: Alice at 2nd (near Oakland Amtrak station)

Activities / destinations / stops:

  • Whole Foods
  • Jack London Square
  • Pedalfest


Clara joined me today for the longest ride yet. We ended up breaking with tradition and only riding the entire length one way.

Our adventure started mid-line–we hopped on at the nearest stop and headed to the Berkeley end of the line (since that was the direction the next bus was going). At the end of the line we walked up to Whole Foods to get some food to sustain us on the long journey to Oakland, and walked back in time to catch the 3:48 bus.

In a nutshell, I’d say this line passes shopping and libraries and murals. It starts near the soccer fields on Harrison, passes Urban Adamah‘s new farm, and then starts hitting the shopping: Gilman District, Westbrae, Hopkins, MLK north of downtown, downtown, Lorin, Temescal, the shopping center at 51st & Broadway, Piedmont, Grand Ave, Downtown Oakland, and Jack London Square!!!

It also passes at least three libraries that I know of: North and South branches in Berkeley, and the Temescal Branch in Oakland. Probably even more that I don’t know about! And, I can’t leave out Fairyland, even though it doesn’t fit neatly into either category.

And the murals! I tried to get some photos, but particularly in Oakland Clara and I were noticing tons of beautiful murals.

The end of the line in Oakland is around the corner from the Amtrak Station, and the heart of Jack London Square is just a few stops before the end. We stumbled upon Pedalfest, which was great because I always meant to go. Clara and I got a kick out of the pedal powered rides (and enjoyed another treat).

It was late at that point, and the 12 is not the most efficient line home, so we took a different route, enjoying the memory of all the beautiful murals (and the funny person in a bright green sequined dress and long white bridal veil we spotted along the way!).





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