I’m on a mission to ride every bus in Berkeley.


The simple answer is that I just want to know where they all go. Of course, there’s a lot more behind it. I’m still unpacking what all that is.

But why blog about it?

Again, the simple answer is that I love writing and photographing and documenting, and it’s so easy to put up a blog as an easy way to record my experience. And, of course, I’d love to share my experience with other people. And! if other people get inspired to ride the bus, even better!

When did you start?

My first “official” ITTBTT ride was May 27th, 2017. I did three “official” rides in 2017, then got distracted by life and didn’t do a full thru-ride of a line again until June 2018.

How is it going to work?

There were a lot of little details to figure out. See my first post for more on what parameters I considered. Here’s what I’ve decided so far:

  • Which Buses? “Every bus” = every local AC Transit line that runs through any part of Berkeley.
  • What counts as a ride? An “official” ITTBTT ride is the full length of the line in at least one direction in one ride (ie. not pieced together)
  • Who will be going? Anyone can join me, but I have to be there. 🙂
  • What’s the timeline? Initially I was going to try to do it in 6 months. But a year flew by really quickly with only three rides. No deadline as of June 2018.
  • Documentation? I will have one “official” ride report for each line as a blog post. It will include:
    • Duration of ride
    • Line Description (from AC Transit)
    • Termini locations
    • Activities (things I did on the ride)
    • Pictures
    • Bus numbers ridden
    • Notes (usually a description of the ride)

Who am I?

Another good question. For now, I’m a parks and trails designer (landscape architect), mother, wife, daughter, sister, Berkeleyan, Berkeley Transportation Commissioner, knitter, hiker, biker, bus rider, pedestrian, artist, and more.

Anything else?

Thanks for asking! Of course there is. Off the top of my head everyone should know:

I’m not doing this in any official capacity, and this site is not affiliated in any way with AC Transit, City of Berkeley, Transportation Commission, or any other agency or organization. Right now, I’m all on my own. All typos, errors, omissions, mistakes, glory, beauty, fun, and excitement are my responsibility.